architecture student on a discovery via north dakota

Professionalization Memo

To: Steven Hammer and Others

From: Megan Ward

Date: Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Subject: Professionalization Memo

Virtual Media has always been a topic that has kept me at a far distance from technology especially when it comes to my own online presence.  This exploration has been a radical change from my outlook and processes when it comes to architecture.  I have always considered myself to be a very hands-on designer (building physical models, hand-drawings and renderings and sketching).  I’ve come to discover that to be a “hands-on designer” hasn’t meant what I thought it to in the recent past.  Through furthering my online presence as a designer, creation and reflection has given me a chance to reevaluate myself as a designer entirely embracing advancing technology.

This class and it’s particular assignments have almost made me cringe in the fact that I would have to be using the computer and its sources so much.  I’m still hesitant to do this but I’ve also seen, first-hand, the positive effects it’s had in the way perceive myself through the world.  We have to put ourselves in new and sometimes uncomfortable situations to experience all aspects of life and to let adventure sneak it’s way into our journey.

I’ve made an effort to re-evaluate my pre-existing online presence such as Facebook, etc. I most frequently use Facebook to keep contact with close and distant friends and utilize links to certain architectural tools such as ArchDaily and Architectural Record.  I’ve made alterations to my page keeping in the mind the eye of the viewer, especially in a professional manner.

Part of the process of re-evalutating my pre-existing online presence was simply searching my name in Google’s search box.  There is an actress with the same name so my name alone didnt result in finding anything on my online self.  I search “Megan Ward NDSU” and “Megan Ward Fargo”.  Many of the hits that’s were presented were ones of this blog! This was a big surprise to me, that simply tagging words in these posts could make my blog more searchable.  Other findings included deans list records and a concert I had attended.

Twitter and the term “tweeting” were devices that were never of interest to me.  After creating an account and posting a “tweet” or two, I don’t know that my mind has changed on this particular device.  It has linked me to other great accounts such as ArchDaily and Inhabitat but these were sources that I frequent through means other than Twitter.

My WordPress blog and the assignments with it has allowed me to finish projects I have been wanting to have ready for the job field and application process.  The resume and letter of application have been a great help for what is to come in the future.  The blog has allowed me to include many of my projects, essays, and other explorations in a great way.  At the very least, this blog is incredible practice for a professional website.  I now have many handy tools in my belt… ready to use.


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