architecture student on a discovery via north dakota

Letter of Application

Letter of Application – Olson Kundig Internship Program

Megan Ward

North Dakota State University

Home: 8224 Harrison Rd, Bloomington, MN 55437

Phone: 612-220-9888



11 March 2012

Human Resources/Internship Program

Olson Kundig Architects

159 South Jackson St., Suite 600

Seattle, WA 98104 USA

Dear Human Resources Team/Internship Program of Olson Kundig Architects,

Greetings! I am a fourth year architecture student at North Dakota State University working towards my Masters of Architecture.  I am a strong conceptual thinker and an incredibly passionate and hands-on designer.  I am interested in enhancing my skills and experience in the field by contributing them to your firm in Seattle through the Six-Month Internship Program.  I have long been an admirer of the projects and values of Olson Kundig Architects.

Skills and experience include:

-Experience with a wide range of projects including a High-Rise Competition involving extensive research and design on the history of San Francisco, our particular site, theater acoustics, historical preservation and adaptive reuse.  Second, a project including the research and design for an abandoned Shaker barn in Mount Lebanon, New York. This project is an adaptive reuse and historically preserved barn integrating programs for the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood Summer Music Festival

-Experience working with multiple ranges of software and communications including Adobe    Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, Autodesk: Revit Architecture, Google Sketchup Pro, Microsoft Office Suites, and Laser Cutter Certification

-Experience in team projects and collaboration with faculty and students such as jobs as teaching assistants for second year architecture studios.  These studios have focused on physical model building, hand drawings, and narrative/artefact creation.  It has allowed me to take leadership roles in projects, to provide advice and ideas, and has helped reinforce the strength in hands-on design processes

I am extremely excited about future opportunities to contribute my skills and abilities to your ever growing firm.  I would be pleased to meet in person to discuss my background in relation to the needs of your organization. Please call or email anytime for any further information required. Thank you so much for your time!


Megan Ward

Download: Megan Ward Letter of Application


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