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Artist Statement Reviews

Peer Review

I reviewed Matt Qual’s artist’s statement for our writing class as he reviewed mine.  Here’s what was said!

Hey Megan!

First off great paper and nice work with the Chuck Close quote!

A Few things which you may want to look into would be to add some examples of your thought process that is used in your own work.  A good example would be to use your mastercopy, as it would also closely relate to some of Chuck Close’s work.   Another would be to maybe talk about craft in your models or something.  As you know Chuck Close usually renders paintings to photograph quality so you could maybe tie that in somehow.

Maybe another thing would be to mention how your design process is usually originally started.  Inspiration may be for amateurs but everyone has to start somewhere.

Also, you may want to reword the sentence that starts “When we in modern times” I had to read it twice, I think there might be a comma issue.


-Matt Qual

Dear Matt,

The second paragraph gives some great examples of how any person relates and can understand architecture.  It’s very clear and tells a story in itself. I would suggest shortening the first paragraph down a bit.  The first couple sentences state some ideas but then don’t fully go into detail of how or why.  For example, the term flawless- is this ever completely possible? Or what does this mean for you?

Overall, you do well with word choice.  Maybe shortening it up to one page if youre putting this in portfolios or resumes- that way, it is concise and to the point.

Best Wishes,

Megan Ward


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