architecture student on a discovery via north dakota

Artist Statement

My design process is focused on learning by doing. Chuck Close, painter and photographer stated, “Inspiration is for amateurs… All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.” Through doing, we awaken an embodied creativity – one that engages our memory and imagination.  The physical involvement with our creations and designs is necessary for powerful architecture.

Through a sensual perception with the world, we allow ourselves to re-kindle a “child-like” sense of wonder.  Architecture should be an invitation to question existing spaces and concepts, allowing us to unlearn or relearn the things we have come to accept.

The Greeks perceived the world through discovery: a very physical, tangible and multi-sensory act.  When we, in modern times, try to perceive the world through intellect alone, which is merely thought-based and impalpable.

My hope for my architectural designs is that it will lend itself to our senses, therefore allowing us to lend ourselves in a full-body experience. Architecture is created from the body, for the body.  Perception is our primary form of knowing and does not exist outside the body.  It engages us with the world.


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